Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal Nail Treatment

Onychomycosis is a fungal nail infection which affects roughly 10% of the population. Unlike a bacterial infection, fungal infections of the nail are not usually painful. The symptom that causes most people to seek treatment is the yellow or brown colouring that occurs to the nail.

When to seek treatment

  • Your nails start changing colour (going white or yellow or dark brown)
  • Your nails have become crumbly
  • You have been wearing nail polish continually for a long time
  • Your nails change shape
  • Your nail starts lifting from the nail bed

How we can help

At Hobsonville Podiatry we treat people with fungal nail infections daily and offer both conservative measures and more involved procedures such as the Clearanail procedure. Photos are taken during every session to track progress and modify the treatment approach if required. We have a comprehensive approach to treating fungal nail infections and subsequently get great results for our clients.

Can I wear nail polish when treating a fungal nail?

Traditional nail polish damages and weakens nails, making it easier for the fungus to take hold. Unfortunately, many people use nail polish to cover up unsightly fungal infections. What is often not realised is the infection gets worse when wearing nail polish as nail polish seals the nail and doesn’t allow it to breathe. Luckily, many brands are releasing nail polishes that actually help clear infections by allowing the nail to breathe and strengthening the nail so it is more resilient to fight the infection. We stock a small selection of Dr Remedy nail polish.

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